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Greco Marble SA Greek marble company.

Εταιρεία Μαρμάρων

The foundation of the ancient Greek culture lies within the Cycladic statues; shapes carved on marble whose exact meaning will never be completely decoded. Continuing to statues of various scales, monuments and stonemasonry constructions, with the most famous being the sacred temple on top of the Acropolis hill, the cradle of our civilization.

Since the ancient times, the need of utilization on all the available natural materials for human survival and growth, established our evolution. For us, the ancient Greek people those materials were, among others, the natural stone engulfed in our land. Thus, through the centuries we quarried, processed, built, experiment and constructed our culture.

Marble and natural stone are symbols of the lineage of the Greek people. A 7000-year-old history.

Greco Marble SA was created out of love for classical values and faith in the natural stone that was our ancestors’ first love. In 1981 we initiated our voyage through the world of natural stone; where the profound knowledge in marble, the professionalism and the excellent relations towards our clients and suppliers, led to our establishment. In 1990 we inaugurated our showroom and production plant in Athens, where we created an innovative space ahead of its time, fully equipped with state of the art machinery that integrated all the marble processing needs. We invested in primary cutting and complex processing, intensifying our relations with Pentelic marble that is located on the edge of our unit and it is where the famous marble of Acropolis of Athens is quarried. We formed an artistic-creative unit that targets towards the depiction of complicated forms on monolithic pieces of marble.

Responding with success both to the high reconstruction rate of Greece and to the high demand of Greek white marble for exports, in 2002 we created a second fully vertically integrated production plant in the industrial area of Athens. Our second unit is equipped with state of the art Italian machinery that finalize the spectrum of marble production and catalytically support the quality control processes.

Through the passing of time we invested in our relations with our suppliers, both in Greece and abroad, and in that manner, we consider the quarries our second home. Today, drawing from our clients trusts and with 40 years of experience, we guide through different needs and demands from every corner of the globe.

Εταιρεία Μαρμάρων

Our Team

We are here to assist you in making your marble vision come true!

Since our inception we invest in human resources. Through this mentality we aim at high precision targets and the unification of all operations in harmony.

We employ specialized personnel for the analysis and optimal service of a project. Thus, under our roof you will find architects, engineers, artist and stonemasons.
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