History of Greek Marble

History of Greek Marble

Greco Marble

The Greek marble from which the masterpieces of ancient Greek art have been built.

The Cultural beginning of the ancient Greek civilization lies with the cycladic art, enigmatic forms and shapes carved in marble whose exact meaning will remain unknown. Then statues, monuments and constructions, with the most famous being the monuments on Acropolis Hill, the cradle of the ancient Greek civilization.

Steeming from the archaic times, the need to utilize all available means for survival and development established the human course throughout the centuries, those means for us were natural stone engulfed in our land. Thus, through the centuries we quarried, processed, built, experiment and established our civilizations.

Consecutively, marble and stone are symbolically carved within the Greek history, a 7000 year old history.

Ιστορία Ελληνικών μαρμάρων