Design Department

Design Department

Greco Marble

We are here to assist you in making your marble vision come true.

Greco Marble SA has been developing human resources since it establishment, thus succeeding in profound targets that are being placed. We aim at a wholistic view of all collaborating parts, from machine to office works, and professionally to customer satisfaction.

To offer our integrated services and assist to the maximal in analysing and quoting a project, we employ people from all aspects of the constructions field, you will find architects, civil engineers and specialised workers under our roof. We are here to offer you our services, do not hesitate to contact us or any specific marble department, and we can help in choosing the marble and the works that suit you.


Greco Marble SA employs architects, engineers, artisans and experienced stonemasons.

Our variety of services includes…

  • Selection of the most suitable natural stone for your project
  • Development of Architectural and constructions drawings
  • Fabrication of your natural stone request
  • Placement of the marble at sight with expert stonemasons
  • Preservation of past natural stone works
Greco Marble

Our marble for the project 520w48str for the office of Zaha Hadid Architects