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Presentation and pictures of our range of White Thassos Marble of Greco Marble SA. Selection among Greek White Thassos Marble.

Thassos Marble is a pure snow white marble, ideal for completelly white surfaces, floor and bath.

Thassos Marble

Marble with white background. Suitable for all Applications

Five Basic Categories

Α. Extra

Β. A1

Γ. A2

Δ. A3

Ε. A4

Proposed Finish:


Projects in Thasos Marble

  1. National Opera, Oslo, Norway
  2. Mecca & Medina Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  3. Presidential Palace & Government buildings, Turkmenistan
  4. Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan


Properties Dolomite: 95% Calcite: 4% Quartz: 1%
Stone Type Marble
Specific Weight 2.830 kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.14 %wt
Reistance to Compression 95 mpa
Flexural Strength 12 mpa
Abrasion Resistance 3.61 mm

For more information:

From 1981 Greco Marble SA. has placed orientation towards high-end projects and the enhancement of marble uses and appliences. This is the soul of our Vision, to bridge the distance between consumers and nature. The intensive usage of Greek white marbles led to the creation of our export portfolio, which led to the creation of our new factory in 2002 which has been evolving and adapting to the modern marble processing methods ever since. >>read more for Greco Marble


7 July, 2013