Marble Pirgon Dramas – Greco Marble SA


Presentation and pictures of our range of Pirgon Marble of Greco Marble SA. Selection among Greek Pirgon Marble.

Marble with white background and Grey or Brown Spots/ waves

  • Pirgon Arabesque
  • Pyrgon

Pirgon Marble

Proposed finish Polished

Projects in Marble Pirgon
Α. Sky eleven, Singapore, Singapore
Β. River gate Singapore, Singapore
C. Private Residences


Properties Dolomite: 92% Calcite: 8%
Stone Type Marble
Specific Weight 2.825 kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.19 %wt
Reistance to Compression 139 mpa
Flexural Strength 10 mpa
Abrasion Resistance 2.20 mm

7 July, 2013