Marble Pigon – Greco Marble SA


Presentation and pictures of our range of Pigon Marble of Greco Marble SA. Selection among Greek Pigon Marble.

Marble with White Background and fine brown veins

Proposed finish

  • Pigon 3
  • Pigon2
  • pigon

Pigon Marble

Projects in Marble Pigon

Α. Sky eleven, Singapore, Singapore
Β. River gate Singapore, Singapore
C. Private Residences


Properties Dolomite: 92% Calcite: 8%
Stone Type Marble
Specific Weight 2.825 kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.19 %wt
Reistance to Compression 139 mpa
Flexural Strength 10 mpa
Abrasion Resistance 2.20 mm

7 July, 2013