Naxos Marble – Greco Marble SA


Presentation and pictures of our range of White Naxos Marble of Greco Marble SA. Selection among Greek White Naxos Marble.

Naxos Marble is a Marble with white crystal background. Suitable for all Applications

  • Naxos Black Spot
  • Naxos Extra White
  • Naxos Semi White
  • Naxos White

Naxos Marble

Three Basic Categories

  1. Pure White
  2. Pure white with large crystals
  3. Semi White with Black spots

Proposed Finish:

Naxos marble is mainly used in

Floors, Vanity and Counter Tops, Tables, Staircases


Properties Calcite : 98% Quartz: 2%
Stone Type Marble
Specific Weight 2.710 kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.09 %wt
Reistance to Compression 89 mpa
Flexural Strength 13 mpa
Abrasion Resistance 8.56 mm



7 July, 2013