Marble Applications – Constructions – Marble Works

Presentation and pictures of constructions with marble works of Greco Marble SA. Works in Residences, Professional projects and Exports of Greek White Marble, Semi White Marble, Coloured Marble and Granites

Marble applications in Residences, Companies, Shops, Hotels, Offices and Shopping Centers.

Applications in Marbles – Granites

Take a tour on selected works in marble and natural stone.

Μάρμαρα - Κατοικίες


Marble for Floor, Kitchen, Bathroom, Paneling, Pool, Stairs and Fireplaces

Μάρμαρα Επιχειρήσεις - Τουριστικά

Professional Projects

Marble in constructions for Companies, Shops, Hotels, Offices and Shopping Centers.

Μάρμαρα Εξαγωγές


Marble and natural stones that we export for large scale construction projects abroad.

Marble Works

Our applications are limitless and we can produce all requests. Below you can see what we mainly undertake:

Please feel comfortable asking us any question concerning the applications of stones. We can pay you a visit and have an architect look at the place you desire the marble investment and offer you a specialized opinion.